Deeksha Namdeo

If you are thinking of having some fun in the city during your holiday trip, then you should surely read Rosetta Stone’s book called The Art Of War. This is a novel written by an American Dr. David Roenick. The name of the book has several initials that represents the word art. Art, according to Dr. David Roenick’s research is a three letter word that has various meanings and connotation. Roenick’s novel just may be the best novel about art that has ever been written.
The story starts out in present day Washington D.C. and takes place at the White House where President George W. Bush is hosting a party for his wife. While at the party, First Lady Barbara Bush passes away while entertaining the visiting heads of state.
After the death of First Lady, Vice-president Dick Cheney comes in to the capital and becomes the new president. His first task is to install a new First Lady in the White House, which is quite a heavy burden on him. So he assigns CIA agent David Estes to the job. David Estes, along with his partnericks including his butler Arthur Shelton, is dispatching to coordinate the security details and to look after the First Lady’s personal belongings in the Bush household.
A new president is not able to get any sleep during the nights because of his grief over the death of his wife. David and his team of operatives try their level best to help him sleep. This book revolves around the simple idea of creating good memories in the evening so as to have a good night life. The novel starts out in the cozy environment of the White House residence, which makes the reader want to keep moving forward until the end.
The novel starts off with David explaining to the readers all about the things that he is going to do to restore order in the country. It is obvious that he will have to rein in the power of the executive branch and make some changes in the federal government agencies. There are other agents from the agency, however, who feel that David has gone too far. These people, known as “the mavericks,” don’t like the drastic measures that are being taken by David. They will do anything within the law to prevent these drastic measures from taking place.
The story of the book then shifts to one of David’s escorts, Linda. She is assigned to make sure the First Lady goes to her wedding in Dupree City, South Carolina. Her first task is to organize all the escorts to be present at the time of the ceremony. In fact, she is also the one who will give the formal ring to the lady at the time of the ceremony.
One of the things I liked about this book is that it doesn’t seem to be political in nature. It is more about family, traditions, growing up, and what being a good mother means. It talks about the hard work involved in raising children and how important those things are in life. The book talks about how important good relationship with children is and how difficult it can be to get that right.
The book finishes up with a short chapter on the use of hypnosis for relationship purposes. It talks about how well it works and why therapists often use it. It discusses how effective it is as a rapport-building technique. The main thing to take from this book, however, is that RSETTA Stone does an excellent job of describing real issues and situations that people face. It doesn’t sugarcoat any of it and there is no way for you not to learn something from this book. If you ever run into any sort of situation where you want to know how to fix certain problems, you will want to read this book.