Nidhi Acharya

Bangalore is the hub of party, fun and excitement. It is a city where you will find women dressed in sexy outfits, waiting to meet their suave suitor. In fact, Bangalore has emerged as one of the most sought after destinations for the world’s young people who have nothing but time on their hands. And there is no dearth of opportunity for dating as the city has a lot of adult entertainment options like lap dancing, strip joints and exotic dancing. But the best thing about Bangalore holidays is that they can be spent with your entire family – you don’t need to spend your honeymoon in another country just to get the much-needed break. Here are some of the top places to hang out when you’re on Bangalore tours:
At Fort Kochi, located on the Arabian Sea, the Velsiathe Garden is a favourite hotspot for local girls. The girls here wear saris and casual dresses, and their clientele include men from all walks of life. The most interesting thing about this place is that you can book private cruises and tours, wherein you and your girl friends can visit different parts of the city. You can also try out the various adult entertainment options here, like massage, pole dancing, erotic dancing and even dancing the night away on the beach. If you are planning for an exotic trip to Bangalore, then you must try out the Velsiathe Garden. The girls here understand that they need to dress sensuously to attract their customers, and they treat customers like celebrities at the Velsiathe Garden.
Located in the heart of Bangalore, near M.G. Road, is a place called Badammawhere where you will find all types of fun activities and entertainment. Here, you’ll find two pubs: One is called the Bamboo Bar, which has been open since 1965, while the other is called the Double Door and features live music and karaoke. If you and your girl friends are looking for an extremely fun and exiting time in Bangalore, you must visit Badamma’s!
Close to MG Road, is a popular night club called Club Lite, which is known to feature male strippers. Most girls’ parents think it a little bit uncool, but once their daughters come here and experience the fun first hand, they all warm up to it. You can ask girls’ parents to keep an eye on the girls when they’re at Club Lite, so that you don’t get distracted by anyone. Once you’re through with your drink, you can ask the girls for their autographs and pictures, which you can display in your office for all to see.
Just a few steps away from Club Lite is a small bar called Shake Shop. This place is famous for providing the most beautiful Asian beauties to men who want to impress their colleagues with women coming from East Asia. If you’re lucky enough to have a leader in your business or a boss at your company, you should introduce your female employees to this bar as soon as possible. Once you’ve selected your favorite girl from the girls’ list, make sure she comes to your bar and have her picture taken by one of your employees.
Bangalore also boasts of many gentlemen’s clubs or saunas where you can spend your after hours. Some of these clubs, like Theagar, are privately owned by business men who host stag parties. Such clubs are meant only for men and have no place for girls. However, girls can easily get in touch with their friends and make new friends, who might become potential future business partners or good friends if things work out. Once you pay the entry fee, the girls’ parents can arrange for them to be seated with their children in a lounge area.
The same thing happens when you want to hire the services of the so-called ‘cougars’. A ‘cougar’ is a young woman, usually between twenty-years old and thirty-years old, who is highly attractive and naturally attractive to men. Most of these girls come from a poor family background. They might have been abandoned by their parents and are now surviving on their own. But they still have all the qualities that make them great girls: attractive, friendly, passionate, willing to please and willing to learn.
Most of the ‘cougars’ come from Kerala, India. This is why they are known as ‘Kerala girls’. Once you contact them, tell them that you want to hire the services of a good masseuse in Bangalore for a special evening. Ask the girl if she wants to buy some drinks for you and the guys. Once the girls are done with their night catering, you can make arrangements to meet up with the masseuse at your hotel room.